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Hiring A Wedding Planner 
During your first meeting with a wedding planner, he or she will try to get to know you and your families and get a handle on your budget. It's important to be as open and honest as you can. Explain what your ideal wedding would be like, then fill her in on how much you have to spend and any family situations that may be pertinent. He or she will explain their services and you can go from there.                                                               

The Wedding Party                                                                                                             Choosing your wedding party--those loved ones who will stand beside you and your beloved during the ceremony--can be a bit tricky.  First, don't make any decisions until you and your fiance have determinded the size and style of your wedding. 

Compling Your Guest List - Brides Book of Etiquette                                          Decide how many guests you'll be able to invite.  Generally, after determining the budget with your families, each family invites half the guests.  The guest list may also be split three ways: The bride's parents, the groom's parents and the couple each invite one third of the guests.

Expert Advise  Gail Johnson ...Be Real - Black Magazine                                       Start with a realistic budget and guest count before you book the first vendor or your venue.  As they say, if you don't know where you're going, no road will take you there.                                                 

My Biggest Piece of Advice.... Hire a wedding planner.  Don't think about it as an afterthought but as part of the overall wedding budget.  It'll give you piece of mind- something money can't buy.                          

Bride's Special - Mention this special during your wedding consultation.
$100.00 off towards any wedding package or reception (Vendor "L&K" and "Birthday Party" excluded).

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